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8 Questions with the Founder of Blaze Box | Blunt B*tch Studio Ltd.

1. Q: Tell us a bit about your background. Where did you grow up, and what was your childhood like?

A: Growing up in a family with more than 46 cousins just on my dad’s side really kept things lively and interconnected. I was surrounded by a big, bustling family dynamic. My love for animals began early too, growing up around horses and now being a proud pet parent to our cats, Petro Canada and Chevron with Techron. (Keep reading for pictures) Animals have always been a huge part of my life, and I dream of adding a dog to my family one day.

2. Q: You’ve had quite a unique educational path, switching from public school to homeschooling in high school. What prompted that change?

A: I’ve always had a bit of an independent streak. By the time I reached grade 9, I felt that traditional schooling wasn't fitting my learning style or pace. Taking the initiative, I enrolled myself in homeschooling and graduated early, which certainly surprised everyone. That decision was one of my first steps toward forging my own path, which has been a constant theme in my life.

A picture of Blaze Box's founder, Alecia.
Founder, Alecia.

3. Q: How did your entrepreneurial journey begin?

A: Even as a child, I was always bustling with entrepreneurial spirit, organizing business games during recess. I officially started my entrepreneurial journey near the end of 2021 with Blunt B*tch, a cannabis-focused blog. This quickly evolved into launching an apparel brand in 2022 and then Blaze Box in May of 2024. I've always been driven to create and manage my own ventures.

4. Q: Blaze Box sounds intriguing. What inspired you to start this service?

A: The idea for Blaze Box came from understanding the challenges of maintaining a busy lifestyle while recognizing the medical needs many have for cannabis. Whether it’s the inability to run out for last-minute supplies or dealing with physical limitations, I saw a gap that needed filling. Our slogan, "Inhale Convenience and Exhale Savings," reflects our commitment to providing value and easing our customers' lives. We focus on the convenience of delivery and the importance of cost-effectiveness.

5. Q: With such a diverse career before fully committing to entrepreneurship, how have your previous roles influenced your approach to business?

A: My career path has been quite the adventure, from IT Manager to Marketing Director to Senior Producer. Each role equipped me with a broad range of skills and a holistic view of business operations, which have been invaluable in running my own companies. These experiences taught me the importance of adaptability and comprehensive strategy in entrepreneurship.

6. Q: Despite describing yourself as "uber socially awkward," how do you approach networking and community building?

A: I genuinely love connecting with people on a deeper level, even if small talk isn't my forte. My passion for what I do and the shared interests with others in the cannabis and entrepreneurial communities make it easier to forge meaningful connections. My goal is to create a work environment that respects and nurtures individuality while fostering a sense of community and belonging.

7. Q: What are some personal hobbies or interests that keep you balanced?

A: When I’m not immersed in my businesses, I'm usually learning more about business strategies or self-improvement. I also have a newfound passion for riding electric longboards, which has become one of my favorite summer activities. It’s a thrilling way to unwind.

8. Q: Finally, can you share a little about your favorite TV show and why it resonates with you?

A: Absolutely, my favorite show is "FireFly," a gem by Joss Whedon that combines elements of the Wild West with space exploration. It was tragically short-lived with just one season, but it's a brilliant blend of adventure, moral dilemmas, and camaraderie—themes that resonate with my personal and professional journey.

8 Questions with the Founder of Blaze Box | Blunt B*tch Studio Ltd.