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Welcome to Blaze Box.

Inhale Convenience. Exhale Savings.

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Blaze Box brings you the ultimate convenience by delivering high-quality smoking accessories right to your doorstep, ensuring you’re always prepared for your next session without the hassle.


A picture of Blaze Box, A Canna Monthly Subscription Box Starting at $!5.99. Shipping out of Kelowna, BC

With our motto, 'Inhale Convenience, Exhale Savings,' we strive to deliver exceptional value and ease right to your doorstep.

Blaze Box is perfect for those who appreciate the art of smoking and seek to simplify their routine while maximizing both satisfaction and savings. 

Inhale Convenience. Exhale Savings.

Exhale Savings,

so you can spend more on the good stuff.

Cancel Your Subscription Anytime, or just buy one at a time.

Canadian Based,

 Shipping (almost) World Wide.

Quality Items,

so you're always ready for your next sesh.

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Our Top Selling Blaze Boxes

Blaze Box

What's Inside the Box?

Discover the Brands Fueling Your Monthly Blaze Box Experience

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MORE BRANDS COMING SOON to Blaze Box by Blunt Btch Studio Ltd.

Light up the savings!

Ships out of Kelowna, BC, Canada.

Discreet Packaging! (sorry nosey neighbours)

Must be legal age to order.

Subscription Blaze Boxes

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